About Us

Freetuts.org is a non-profit website created by Nenad Živković, web developer from Serbia. The goal of our site is to share our knowledge for free and, therefore, help other developers around the world to improve their programming skills.

This site is published on 15th July, 2014. Currently, Nenad deals with creating tutorials, but in the event that freetuts.org becomes very popular and the demand for tutorials become large, we can hire new teachers.

Currently Freetuts.org offers tutorials for the following technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Yii framework, and tutorials related to Linux and Windows. We plan to add new tutorials, for example JavaScript/jQuery, but currently there is no exact time when it will happen, you will be informed.

About Nenad

He graduated from the Faculty of Business in December 2012, which earned his degree in Business Informatics. Nenad is dealing with web programming since 2010. So far he used a handful of technologies and their frameworks like: Java for Web, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript...

Currently Nenad is working as a freelance web developer using Yii PHP framework, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and more. His believing that knowledge should be shared for free was one of the main reasons for creating the freetuts.org web site.